Our members

Tom "Grump" Debbie "Smiley" Kathy "Lefty" Bob "Ebb" Denise "Neesie" Sandy "Red" Gary "Tuber" Tim "Slider" Debbie "McDeb" Linda "Poptart" Gary "da Thumb" Mary "Em" Jim "Doc"
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Squeeze Play's members love music!
But, when they're not playing, they are working full-time in such professions as teaching, research, and administrative. A few retirees are mixed into the group as well.

Squeeze Play

The following are Squeeze Play's members:

Kathy "Lefty"
Tim "Slider" (plus Keyboards)
Bob "Ebb"
Linda "Poptart"
Pat "Whoopie"
Lynn "Ms Snoopy"
Mary "Em" (plus Woodwinds)
Gary "da Thumb"
Bob "Off-Beat"
Diane "Di-Di "
Cindy "Shazza"
Jim "Doc"
Debbie "McDeb" (plus Keyboards)
Sandy "Red"
Norb "Shorty"
Larry "Tiny"
Debbie "Smiley"
Denise "Neesie"
Linda "Downtown"
Bruce "Ya-Ya"

Renate "C-Doc"

Gary "Tuber"
Rich "Picker"

Linda "Fluter"

Reed Doublers
Chrissy (Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Flute, Tuba)
Fred (Clarinet, Soprano-Tenor-Bari Sax)


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