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Linda and Rich H.


Two pairs of peds are feet-tured here, since Linda and Rich have been inseparable since their marriage in 1984.  And they have been making beautiful music together ever since.

Linda started playing flute in her early 20's.  She had always wanted to play but was busy with choir, piano and violin in high school and didn't have time.  A friend encouraged her to give it a try, so she started taking lessons and has been playing ever since.  She plays mostly classical music and loves baroque music, especially Bach.  Linda often plays at her church, usually for preludes or during communion, and accompanies the bell choir and the adult choir when they need a flute.

Rich picked up guitar around age 15 to help lead songs at his church youth group and to impress girls. He also played trumpet in the band and sang in the school ensemble. He enjoys playing and singing contemporary Christian worship music, and has led the worship band at his church a number of times.

Rich and Linda often combine their talents. They have played flute/guitar music for years in church, particularly during the Christmas season.

Rich and Linda have three kids.  Christy is a junior in college majoring in Communications/Public Relations, Scott is a freshman in college majoring in Exercise Science, and Lisa is in 7th grade.  They have homeschooled for 10 years. 

Linda grew up in Springfield Township and went to Greenhills High School.  She attended Southern Ohio College and worked as a legal secretary at Taft, Stettinius & Hollister for 10 years before getting married and having children. She loves to teach flute lessons, cook, bake, knit, and crochet.  She reads a lot of cookbooks and books about nutrition. 

Rich also grew up in Springfield Township and went to school in the neighboring Finneytown district. He went to college at The Ohio State University and has worked as a mechanical engineer at Clippard Instrument Laboratory for 26 years. He enjoys vegetable gardening, woodworking, running, reading, and spending time with his family.

And when Rich and Linda aren't too busy raising kids, or working, or playing music, their favorite vacation destination is Duck, N.C.  They also love to camp and have gone to the Smoky Mountains for years.


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