Where's Anri?

January 2009
Anri shows Denise and Dave "The Best of London"


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Anri in his old stomping grounds near Big Ben.

Anri allowing a rare photo with a Guard at #10 Downing St.

Anri is teaching Denise how to use the new phone technology.

Anri hailing a bus for Dave and Denise.

Anri recommends the Blackbird Pub.

So many choices.

Dave and Anri share a pint.

Anri providing a little entertainment at the pub.

Anri accepts invitation for photo op with The Royal Family.

Denise and Anri on the Millenium Bridge.

Anri watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Click here to learn more.

Denise and Anri on the streets of London.

Anri mailing a letter to his New-World relatives.

Denise and Anri at a Police post.

Anri visits the Queen.

One last look at London before heading home.


Photos: Courtesy of Dave and Denise.

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